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We love birdsong, a good dawn and a happy customer. We grew up, as you did, listening to the clink-clink of Granny’s early morning milkman delivering those dewy bottles with the cream settling softly on top.

We fell in love with the morning mist there and then. These days however, with us delivering cartons on our rounds, the only sound you’ll hear is the whisper of a blade of grass bending underfoot as we tiptoe your order down to your door.

We enjoy a whistle – but only ever on the way home.

Tens of thousands of customers throughout Ireland

Millions of litres of milk delivered every month

Hundreds of milkmen all over the country

A day in the life of Milkman Liam Reddy

In order to have fresh milk delivered to your door before you rise, milkmen across Ireland must work through the night. To learn more about the routine of a milkman, see Liam’s story:

By the time you wake up, we’ve done a days work!

Up at 2am – The greatest milkman sin is to like a lie in. It’s all go once  we begin so a good breakfast with the freshest of milk is important for us too.

Collect the milk – Extra cream for 22, Number 3 on holidays? Whatever your last minute changes are we have them to hand to make sure we get it right – down to the last drop.

Delivering the milk – While you’re counting sheep we’re delivering on your street. It really is dairy goodness to your door without you lifting a finger.

Round is complete – We put up our feet. We get great satisfaction knowing we’ve helped make someone’s morning go a little smoother.

Bed Time – It’s hard to beat a great morning’s sleep. Though you count sheep while we’re at work, we’re counting cows, cartons and creamy cheese when you’re going about your day’s business.

History of Milk Delivery

The milkman has been around since man milked cows. For generations the only way to get your milk was from the dairy.



You might not remember the milk churn, but we do. This was the height of transportation sophistication in its day. A churn was commonly known as a 'tilly' and back as early as the 1900's milk was delivered to every home across Ireland twice daily by a horse-drawn cart called a milk gig. In those days your order was poured straight from the churn into whatever jar, bottle or jug you had yourself.


Horse & Cart

Believe it or not, milk was delivered by horse and cart until the 1960s. People would have heard the clip clop of the horse, known the name of the horse, and some even allowed them to graze on the trees in their garden. But you can't stop progress; deliveries by horse and cart were replaced by the milk float.


Milk Float

Milk floats were the next big thing. Electric, and designed specifically for dairy deliveries, their top speed was a white-knuckle 25 miles an hour. The last bottle of milk was delivered on a milk float not so long ago - in 1994.


Milk Bottle

Ah who doesn't recall the morning music of the milk bottle – that distinctive clink-clink was as good as an alarm clock, not just for the neighbourhood, but the birds too. Those cheeky rascals never missed a chance to peck through the foil caps to get at the cream settled at the top. In time the milk bottle became a collector's item in its own right. You might recall – or even have - the Dublin Millennium Milk Bottle or the Celebratory ITALIA 90 bottle.



Now you're online and so are we, making this traditional service even easier by harnessing the power of today's technology. So today you can order and pay at any time of day, no matter where you are. Milk is never more than just a click away.

Thousands of Homes and Businesses throughout Ireland already get fresh Avonmore milk delivered direct to their doors


Brian is a lovely guy. He's always very kind when he calls. Love the service!


It's a super service. I'd be lost without Jack and his team!


We have our milk man Seamus nearly a year now and it is a god send. He has never let us down! Really recommend this service


Really fantastic service, saved me so many trips for milk!!

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