About The Service

Who We Are? is brought to you by Glanbia on behalf of a hard-working enthusiastic network of milkmen around the country.

What Is The Service?

Our service is a doorstep delivery service. Once you set up your account online, your local milkman will approve you as a customer and then you're ready to get started. Remember you only have to set your account and order once.

Who Can Avail Of The Service?

Anyone! Once you've checked through the site that there is a milkman in your area and you'd like to receive doorstep deliveries, just sign up.

How Do I Know If The Service Is Available In My Area?

We've hundreds of milkmen throughout the country, and not all of them are on just yet. To find out if there is a milkman in your area, simply click the "Find Me a Milkman" button, and select your address from the drop down list. If there is a milkman in your area his name, picture and products will pop up. If not, you can leave your contact details and we will contact you to provide you with an offline account.

How Do I Find My Local Milkman?

Click the "Find Me a Milkman" button and follow the instructions to input your home address. If we have a milkman near you we'll be able to tell you.

What Are The Delivery Times/Days?

Milkmen typically deliver before breakfast and three times per week. However, the days and time of milk deliveries will of course differ from milkman to milkman. Please check your local milkman's details.

Do You Just Deliver Milk/What Can I Order?

Your milkman will deliver products from his own unique list. In general, however, most of our milkmen will deliver milk, cream, cheese, juices and yogurts. If you're really lucky you might find your milkman also delivers eggs and bread. When you are matched to your local milkman you can browse his or her range of products to find out for yourself.

When Do I Receive My First Order?

When you set up your account, your milkman will need to verify that he can service it first. Once this is complete you will receive an email with details of your first delivery day. Typically milkmen deliver three times per week, so your milkman will try slot you in the next available delivery day.

How Much Does The Service Cost?

The cost of milk may vary slightly from milkman to milkman. We believe in keeping our prices more or less on par with the corner shop. A small delivery charge may apply (depending on your milkman).

Are There Any Minimum Quantities?

There is no minimum order quantity or value. However, we recommend this service for people/families that use at least three litres of milk per week.

What happens when my account is approved?

When your milkman approves your account you will receive an email to confirm that all is ok and you will be told when your first delivery will commence. Your account will then read as "Active".

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I Have A Milkman Already

I Have A Milkman Already

If you have a milkman already (and you're getting weekly deliveries) and your milkman is set up on, you can still set up an online account. All you need to do is go to the 'I already have a milkman' section, fill in your name, address, and telephone number and we'll set you up with an online account. Then all you have to do is verify your details are correct by clicking on the link in the verification email sent to your email address. Once you've verified your account you too can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our service offers with online or cash payment, pausing or amending orders and the chance to view the full range of products at any time.

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Editing Details / Orders

Updating Contact Details?

If you have set up an account you can change your name or email address by simply logging in with your valid password. Because your delivery is always linked to the nearest local milkman, it is not possible to change your address.

I am Moving House

If you are moving house you'll need to close your account and set up with a new milkman.


Yes you can change your order up until 1pm* the day before delivery is due. *Change / Edit your order up until 1pm the day before delivery is due. Pause order up until 9pm the day before delivery is due. Please note that while your milkman will always try to accommodate all changes, there may be instances when this is not possible. But we always aim to do our very best to fulfil your order.


That's no bother, you can pause your order from the date you depart to when you return. Milk will not be delivered during this period & you will not be billed. To pause your order simply log on to your account and from your dashboard select the Pause Order option. Choose a pause date and a restart date and confirm. You will be sent an email notification to confirm you have paused your order successfully.


To cancel your delivery permanently simply login to your account, click “Edit” on My Account at the top of the page, from the account details page select "Close My Account".

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How Am I Billed?

Your Milkman delivers first, you pay later. To keep you on track we'll send you a weekly bill, payment will be processed two days later (either online or you milkman will call to collect cash).

How Often Do I Get Billed?

You will receive a bill via email once a week.

What Cards Are Accepted On

You can pay for your bill using Laser, Visa Debit and credit cards. All payments on our site are safe and secure to the highest standard via Realex payments (

What Happens If My Card Fails?

If your payment fails – these things do sometimes happen after all! - then we've got a way to sort that too. Your account will simply switch to a "Cash Payment" account and your milkman will be notified of the change and will collect your payment from you in person. You will also receive an email from your milkman to notify you that your electronic payment has failed.

What Happens If I Place Funds Into My Account And Want To Switch Back To Online Card Payments?

If you want switch back after a card has failed, you will need to login to your account and change your payment options manually. When you have done this, your milkman will be notified by email and he will process your outstanding balance. Finally you'll get an email to confirm that this has happened.

What Happens If My Card Expires?

You will be notified in advance that your card is about to expire, so you will get the chance to change your card details and continue as normal. However, if you do not change your details, when the card expires the payment will fail and you'll be switched to the "cash payment" option. See above for what happens then.

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Why Do I Need To Give My Email?

This is an online service so we need your email details when setting up your account because we'll send you a verification email to activate your account.

I Forgot My Password

Not a problem, simply click the forgot password button on the home page & provide your email address. A link will be sent for you to reset it.

I Want To Get In Touch With My Milkman?

You can email or text your milkman. Simply log into your account to find your milkman's email address and phone number. All details are contained on the customer dashboard when you log in.

I Entered My Details And Haven't Heard Back

Drop a quick line to our customer service department at and they'll contact you asap.

I Have A Service Or Quality Issue?

If you have a problem with your product quality then please contact your milkman directly by logging into your account and drop him an email, or call him on the phone. If you cannot contact your milkman at that time or you have any questions about our products then please contact

Will You Substitute A Product?

Yes, if for any reason we don't have any of your requested items we will always do our best to substitute them with good alternatives. The price of these will always be the lower of those available and a note will be included with your delivery to let you know what's been substituted. We'll also make sure we reference it online too and adjust your bills accordingly.

My Order Wasn't Delivered – What Happens Now?

If your order hasn't been delivered by the usual time your milkman might just be running late. If your delivery doesn't arrive at all, please get in touch with your milkman by logging into your account and send him an email or calling him directly. If you fail to make contact with your milkman then send an email to and we will do everything we can to help resolve the problem.


If you have just setup your account it will be "Pending" until your milkman approves it. This is a necessary step so that the milkman can review your order and make sure that everything is setup as it should be and that they can definitely deliver to your address. If it is still pending after four days please contact

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We hope we've answered all your questions here. For anything else you need to know or ask, please don't hesitate to drop us a line at